Friday, June 24, 2011

Berry Cool!

Yesterday, I got what I thought at first was just another email trying to convince me to spend money on a sale that's not really much of a sale, but actually turned out to be a pretty useful email from Barney's New York!

I browsed through the shoe category in the sale section and saw a huge selection of beautiful shoes, but none that I'd actually spend that kind of money on. I'm pretty used being disappointed every time I browse Barney's sales, so I just moved onto the next category: purses & accessories. Again, cute but no, no. no.

Just as I was about to navigate away, I stumbled across this cute 3.1 Phillip Lim "Berry" clutch/wallet! What? 60% off!? I had to have it. We all know I needed an upgrade from my old wallet. (That L.A.M.B. one didn't work out bc it was just too large for me.) I tried putting it into my cart right away, but sure enough, it was out of stock. I was pretty disappointed and a little mad that it was still posted on the site if it was out of stock. What a tease!

I then desperately called the Barney's store nearby, hopeful that they would have one in stock for me to pick up. They had ONE! I asked to put it on hold, but the SA said they don't normally hold sale items... I think he then said he would hold it for me anyway, but I immediately blurted "I'll buy it over the phone!" He was happy to hear that, and then SOLD. I have a new wallet.

The SA even gift wrapped it for me when I went to pick it up! After all, it is a gift to myself.

Even puppy likes it already!

Everyone, meet my new 3.1 Phillip Lim Berry wallet/clutch.

This item is actually very multi-functional. It serves so many purposes that my friend and I came up with last night when obsessing over it.

Here are the top 5 we came up with:

1. Wallet- Keeps your shit organized.
2. Clutch- With the attached wristlet and extra compartment for phone/etc., it's easy to carry around with you when you don't feel like bringing your whole purse.
3. Deadly Weapon- The spikes on it are heavy, durable and sorta sharp. You can really hurt someone with this in a dark parking garage at night.
4. Hand/Body Massager- With its spikes being kinda sharp but not too sharp, you can use this to enhance feeling when massaging yourself or someone else.
5. Meat tenderizer- Put it on a stick, and doesn't it have some resemblance to this?

60% off and so multi-functional. What a deal! Must've been my lucky day! I'm "berry" excited about my Phillip Lim "Berry!" Hahahahah

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  1. UHHH, you KNOW i love this wallet!!! more pictures, please!!

  2. LOVEEE!!! The wallet AND the puppy!! I didn't know you had a dog! Play date soon please!

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  4. Haha I love the 5 ways you can use it - gorgeous wallet and the doggie is so adorable! :)

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  6. very very cool item!! love the punky look

  7. I can't believe you got it! I looked everywhere on line and couldn't find it! It is so gorgeous!!! Great post, darling! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  8. i'll take both... your wallet and your pupster. both are the perfect accessory! :P

  9. i am SO jealous of your phillip lim wallet. it's stunning! wish i owned something phillip lim

  10. I love the wallet! It's so cute!

  11. its a awesome only concern is that...won't it hurt your fingers when you try ti pick it up??? its sooo spkiey~~~lol(j/k) but it does real good though...i think i could wear this as a wristlet to add some edge to my outfit~~~


  12. love the wallet! and your dog is adorable :)

  13. Ouch! Love the wallet!! Does the quote 'no pain no gain' work in this case? haha