Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Season!

Ok, I actually don't know when wedding season really is since I don't go to that many weddings... My close group of friends have not started taking the marital plunge yet... I'd give it another 3 years before I start shopping for wedding gifts and baby shower gifts on a weekly basis. But to me, it's wedding season because I have two this month. That hardly happens! This past weekend, I went to the wedding of my boyfriend's friend (and my friend too!) in Houston.

This was before the ceremony at the Alden Hotel (also where I stayed- fab hotel, btw).

Open bar usually means trouble... ;)

French Connection bandage dress, BCBGMaxAzria necklace, Guess nude pumps, Louis Vuitton damier Eva clutch


  1. You all look beautiful! Gorgeous and open bar is always good :)

  2. Hey Vi! I'm glad you gave me your blog. I had seen it before but I completely forgot to add it to my blog, but it is now! I love seeing how you are doing and oh my heavens you are so GORGEOUS and are making this fat pregnant lady so jealous with how beautiful you always look! Thanks for sharing some fashion insights!

  3. You all look gorgeous!

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    I am sure you’ll love it.


  4. I love wedding season! Perfect time to validly stuff yourself in the name of another's celebration. And get dolled up like a princess of course.

    You guys look gorgeous as always. That's one goo looking posse.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking closet camaraderie

  5. hahaha when my friends and i are in the vicinity of an open bar.... let's just say that silly things happen :)

    looks like a super fun, happy night!