Monday, March 21, 2011

The Living Room

Went to the Living Room at the W Hotel awhile back with some friends but completely forgot about the pictures!

I was wearing pantyhose to complete my outfit, but you can't help it when once of these happen:

Hahaha. Felt like a nightmare at the time, but looking back at these pictures makes me laugh. :-)

Random brand jewel-front romper (?), F21 grey blazer, Christian Siriano for Payless booties, Gucci Boston bag.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life is beachy

While in LA on holiday, we decided to take a mini road trip down to Sunny San Diego. LA was enough fun, that I didn't even get excited about San Diego until we were actually almost there. Stopping by La Jolla beach on the way down made me realize, "We're here! San Diego!" I slept the whole way down and missed out on all the beautiful scenery... partially because I had a little too much fun the night before. ;)

Our group have a little inside joke because so many of us mistakenly called La Jolla Beach the way it looks like it's supposed to be pronounced. La "Jole-la" beach. I was teased by my girlfriends prior to the LA trip for calling it that way, and so were my cousins, so we just decided that was the way it's supposed to be pronounced! La JOLLA beach!

La Jolla Beach, SD

The beach was so beautiful. I bet we could've stayed there all day. Too bad it wasn't warm enough to lay out.

We stayed and played for awhile, though. Took a few jumping pics and whatnot... hehe. Took us about 4 (maybe more) tries for all of us to get some air.

They teased me for having such a large camera and carrying it around my neck like an Asian tourist (that I guess I am!). LOL

F21 poncho/sweater top, A&F denim, Rayban sunnies, Longchamp Le Pliage tote, Barney's COOP sandals

Our shoes! Mine is the top left.

I love these girls. Weather was perfect to walk around. There were cute little boutique places around the beach. Loved it. Now, I'm back in Texas, with absolutely zero beaches nearby. :( I can't wait to get back to the beach!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Hollywood Standard

Partying in Hollywood was definitely a fun experience. Parking usually sucks anywhere in LA but we got a sweet ass meter spot RIGHT in front of the Standard! Can the night start out ANY better? We went to a lounge/club type place that was super cute and inside the famous "The Standard" hotel.

Like I said in the previous post, I didn't have much to choose from, as far as outfits, since I tried to pack light. I came knowing that my fashionista cousins would have something for me, anyway. And, they did!

I really liked the dress my cousin let me borrow because it was so funky and cool. I paired it with my Eva clutch to tone it down a bit. I also borrowed my other cousin's bronze Steve Madden heels to wear with it.

Me and my twin cousin. Everyone on our family gets us mixed up at reunions... and it's we have a habit of coincidentally showing up to events wearing matching outfits. Strange, I know. Do you think we look alike?

Group picture! Before the drinks kicked in...

Obviously, this was AFTER the drinks kicked in and after a whole night of dancing. We had SO much fun! I realized that it's not really about where you party as much as who you're partying with. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Santa Monica

I spent some time on the West Coast as of late, and the weather there was amazing. No need for a jacket, boots, or anything! You could leave the house in almost anything and feel fine.

We decided to go out to watch my cousins' friends' band play in Santa Monica one evening. I had trouble pairing what to wear since I didn't pack very much because I wanted to carry-on (I always have issues with checking in luggage).

I managed to put together a decent outfit, that looked something like this (It's so fun creating collages of my outfits!):

Actually, it's VERY VERY similar. The only difference is the Forever 21 necklace and the color of the sweater top. I made the collage so you could see more detail because in my actual photo, you can't see everything.

Michael Kors boxy sweater (mine is in white; from Nordstrom), Marc by Marc Jacobs Anya pants (Barneys New York- the most comfortable pants EVER btw), Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges, Movado watch, F21 necklace, and Louis Vuitton Eva clutch w/ crossbody strap.

I wish I had some better photos but I don't like bringing my good camera out. It's way too large to fit into any of my going out bags and I refuse to wear it around my neck like a tourist.

Next time I post an outfit with these pants, I hope to capture the detail on them. They are really unique and have little detail on them that makes them super hot! Not to mention, they are the most comfortable pants I own right now that I'd actually wear out! I really really love them (even my mama wants to borrow)! And they were ON SALE at Barney's! I get excited just thinking about it. ;) The Barney's Outlet store had a huge blowout sale recently, where I probably purchased like 10+ clothing items plus 2 pairs of shoes, all for a great price (compared to the original price). I gotta say... I really heart Barney's sales!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Target Free Friday nights at the MoMa!
From 4-8 pm on Fridays, admission to the MoMa is free for all! I don't know how I get so lucky to be at museums when they have free admission. One time in Paris, I just showed up to the Louvre on what happened to be a free admission day. And I was a broke college student at the time, so lucky me!

Everything inside was pretty interesting but I was pretty exhausted from a whole day of walking/shopping. I just wanted to eat. :)

Zara blouse, Diane von Furstenberg shorts, Urban outfitters belt, Movado watch, TART leggings, Gianni Bini leather boots, Longchamp Le Pliage large tote, Burberry raincoat