Monday, June 20, 2011


My first time attending Electric Daisy Carnival!

Super fun, danced A LOT.

I definitely wasn't dressed as crazy as everyone else there but I tried a little bit to get out of what I'd normally wear and get into character. People were wearing neon lingerie, furry boots, fishnet stockings, masks, 'kandi' bracelets, and all kinds of crazy stuff you can imagine. Definitely felt like I was in another world. Loved all the costumes! As for me, I opted for something I'd be comfortable jumping around and walking in. The craziest thing I had was probably the foxtail attached to my pouch I got from a boutique in Shibuya 101... and it's not that crazy.

Forever 21 loose tank, neon bandeaux top and feather necklace, GAP pink shorts, PacSun belt (I don't know why I have this), H&M Hello Kitty socks, cat printed Converses, leather bracelet from Venice Beach, Zara pouch, foxtail from Tokyo

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