Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm just a girl in the world...

So, all my friends have been making fun of me for quite some time now when we're at fancy dinners and whatnot, and I pull out this oldie Velcro wallet out of my nice Gucci/Burberry/LV/etc... Even sales clerks and waiters make comments about it. Usually, they say something along the lines of, "Awwwww... how cute!?" And I'm like, "I KNOW, RIGHT!?" And my friends are like, "Ugh. I hope you know they're lying." LOL!

It's actually quite cute (imho). On it is a pretty orange with kissy lips. I'm not an Orange County girl, but hey, I loved Gwen so much back in the day (and still do!) when I couldn't afford L.A.M.B. so this was my only way to go!

Anyway, I never cared too much to upgrade my wallet. I loved the size and it did its job! I'd rather spend that hundred or 2 on part of a bag... or shoes! This Sunday, I went to an outlet mall with my friend and found that Neiman's Last Call and Off Saks had some pretty good sales for Columbus Day weekend! I picked up just a few things: Dolce Vita boots from Neiman's (SUCH a good deal, btw and SUPER cute!), a cute blouse from Saks, denim shorts, 2 drinking glasses from Neiman's (long story, tell you about it later!), and this Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. long wallet. I always love Gwen's crazy designs and this wallet was so cute and ON SALE!

I love my new wallet! I don't feel so bad since it was so cheap for L.A.M.B.!

I've been a fan of Gwen since I was little. I had the No Doubt Tragic Kingdom CD! "I'm just a girl int he world...." LOL! I think that's why I loved my Harajuku Lovers wallet so much! It reminded me of good times! Here's the cover so you can see the kind of resemblance:

Gahhh, I love her! I think I'll make a pact to always have wallets by Gwen and Gwen only! Hehehe it's silly but I don't care!

Here's are some old photos taken at the No Doubt Reunion Tour concert I went to in 2009:

Gwen's SO freaking talented and awesome! Love her forever!

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