Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stocking Stuffer

Urban Outfitters sweater dress, Kelsi Dagger thigh high boots, BCBGMaxAzria jeweled necklace, Banana Republic clutch

The holidays are right around the corner and I should be wearing things that are more festive. Well, I love to wear black. Most of my staple pieces are black. Uhh... you can wear black boots more than any other colored boots, am I right? Still, this doesn't explain why I need 54375619 pairs of black boots... many of which are the same style, length, and material. But HEY. None of them are EXACTLY the same, ok? ;) Anyway, I'm saying this because the ones I'm wearing above are almost identical to another pair I own... same brand, material and length... but slightly different cut and style. I was going to return one, but never got around to it and now, a year or more later, it's too late. Go figure. This is my first time wearing this one and I love it. Super comfy and I think it makes your legs look longer = sexier. Duh! Haha every girl should get a pair of thigh highs. And no, they are NOT the same as over-the-knee boots or knee highs (I still love all my knee highs, too!). You need them all. They're just for different looks! Loving mine and they keep my legs warm, too! Better than wearing pants! :D

And anyone interested in these (worn this once) or the evil twin of these thigh highs (BNIB), let me know! I found them both for a steal and am giving up one for exactly what I paid!


  1. I adore your outfit. It's so gorgeous on you. I use to wear black all the time it wasn't until the last few years I decided that maybe I should add some color hahaha.


  2. Beautiful outfit;)Nice necklace and dress:)

  3. i couldn't agree with you more... i have no idea why i have so many black boots! but they're all different... in some ways. haha

    love these thigh highs! i have one that's a little too big for me but i still love, nonetheless. :)

    ps. i'm hosting a whole month of giveaways. this week, you have the opportunity to win a beautiful tunnel ring from besobeso! i hope you'll come visit soon & join!

    cindy - design3rd

  4. love your necklace and boots! :)

  5. Great outfit!

  6. I like how you put together your ideas in this blog.

  7. Pretty dress! I love your necklace too - cute outfit :)

  8. I have a million (similar) black boots too and am always looking for more. I looove that necklace!