Monday, June 6, 2011

Vamos a Cozumel!

Some friends and I went on a cruise recently to Cozumel, Mexico. The only city I'd been to in Mexico was Puerto Vallarta, but Cozumel is WAY better, imo. And when I say "some friends," I mean like 40 people or more, a combination of my friends, friends' friends, etc. It was a little crazy but so much fun! I have SO many pics from the cruise but to make it easier, I'll focus on actual Cozumel photos.

Clear blue skies and water, qué perfecto!

Look how white the sand is!
(And us!)

And of course... when do we NOT do jumping pictures? I think I can jump higher in Mexico, no? Check this one out from PVR '09! Skillz.

Ran into this one while duty free shopping! 2 bottles of Crown Royal for $32? Yes, please!

Also stopped by "Tres Amigos" restaurant for a snack. Yummmmm

AND..... BEST BEST BEST part of the trip! Everyone, meet Louis (like Louis Vuitton, hehe so meant to be). Isn't he sweet??? I want him as a pet. :(

Victoria's Secret bandeau bikini top, Target high waisted bottoms, Forever 21 high waisted black shorts, Urban Outfitters sunglasses and straw boater hat, F21 sheer white button down, Reef flip flops

More pics coming soon!

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