Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RW: Bijoux

"Bisous" means "kiss" in French. When I saw a restaurant named "Bijoux," I mistook it for "kiss" but it's actually "jewelry." So, I've been updating like crazy, It's hard to keep up with. There are just a lot of things going on at this time and I don't want to get behind. Probably my background in journalism... gotta publish it while it's still fresh or else no one will care later! Lol, Plus, I still don't know what's blogworthy or not so I just wanna post everything. Maybe you can help.

Anyway, at Bijoux, the food was pretty good but I wasn't really impressed with the atmosphere and decor. It looked really normal. We all know I don't like "normal." Something's gotta stand out... Bijoux didn't have that "something." Tsk, tsk.

The location: It was in the middle of a shopping center with other stores like Neiman's Last Call, CVS Pharmacy, etc. Blah. The restaurant itself was pretty nice-looking. The tree totally covers the awning that says "Bijoux."

Well, at least their food was yummy!

Stupid me, again, forgot to take a pic of the menu. This was my first course, it was taglioni (pasta) with vegetables. It was very very seasoned and delicious! It was either this or pork belly, which was also delish!

Our extra course, giant prawns, for an additional $9, which we could've gotten for free if we bought $25 worth of stuff from Central Market. Good, but fishy.

Main course: a salmon dish. It was also really good but I can never eat too much salmon in one sitting. I ate about half and asked the rest to be boxed up to take home. Then, the waiter forgot to give it to me to bring home. What a waste. =( That orange sauce it came with was sweet and went well with the salmon.

Last, my 4th course, dessert. Cheesecake with fig and ice cream = average. Like I said previously, not a fan of really nice desserts. I'm more of a cute cupcake gal. ;)

Kimchi Blue lace inset tank (Urban Outfitters), Sparkle & Fade sequin skirt (Urban Outfitters), F21 belt, Nine West suede strap platforms, Zara studded drawstring crossbody bag.

I know you never need a reason to dress up, but dressing up to GO somewhere is def. fun!

Close up of shoes, sequin skirt, belt. The sequin skirt is really fun! I love it! UO is the best!

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone!!

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