Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let's hear it for New York, New York, New Yoooorrrkkkkkk!!

I've been to NY a few times before this and I absolutely love it every time. Now, I've experienced the summer and winter, but never Labor Day weather! It's the BEST NY weather! Highs in the lower 80s and lows in the 70s. It's perfect since you spend so much time walking around outside!

NOW! A few pics from NY!

The trick to having a comfortable plane ride is to wear comfy clothes! But! You wanna stay cute, well because... you're going to NYC, one of the most fashionable cities! Check out that shoulder action! (btw, never wearing that to the airport again... I beeped going through the metal detectors bc of it and had to get felt up by the TSA woman)
PURE shirt (Nordstrom), TART leggings (Nordstrom), Exhilaration oxford style flats (Target), French Connection white leather bag (bought in the FCUK store in London, how cool!), Longchamp Large 'Le Pliage' tote, convenient for travel.

Right when we got in, we checked into our hotel, the W at Union Square, and then headed straight to the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway to watch Mamma Mia! It was SOOO good!!!
Low headband from Forever 21.

Since it was pretty much IN Times Square, we walked around a bit after the show. Felt great outside and all the bright lights really do inspire you and the streets really make you feel brand new, just like Alicia Keys says. I found the best pizza of my life that night in an alley near Times Square. It's called Patzeria Perfect Pizza on 46th street, between 7th and Broadway. BEST pizza.

The next day, we had brunch at Max Brenner's, went to Central Park to hang out, checked out the Met museum, and ate at some Japanese place. This is a picture of me at the Met. I think I prefer art museums but the Met really did have a LOT of stuff.
F21 blouse, RAVE black trouser shorts (on sale for like $2, no lie), belt from Germany, Exhilaration oxford flats (Target), F21 studded crossbody bag, F21 owl necklace.

Of course, I prefer wedges over flats but at the end of the day, I'm SO glad I didn't wear wedges. We walked EVERYWHERE and back.

This is the BEST part of the Met. The Rooftop Gardens. Here's the view. There's a bar up there where you can get drinks and just chill and enjoy the view. Breathtaking, isn't it? There's also this cool fortress thing made of all bamboo sticks! So cool!

The next day, we were determined to use the Subway more than just twice! I personally love it! It reminds me of 1. when I was in France and had to use it to get anywhere, and 2. when I visited NY in college as a broke college student and couldn't afford cabbing it everywhere. Good times!
F21 plaid shirt, BDG shorts (Urban Outfitters), F21 belt, Xhilaration oxford flats, FCUK bag.

We hit up a few neighborhoods and saw a lot of cool stuff like Hi-Line park, 5th Ave., SoHo, Chinatown, and more. That night, we went to Gallery Bar (I think lower East Side). It was pretty cool.

It was seriously almost pitch dark in there and my flash was so bright. Took me like 3 tries to get one of us with my eyes actually open.

Not exactly sure what we're doing in this pic but it's pretty hilarious. We had fun!
SUGARlips top (Macy's Impulse section), F21 leggings, f21 studded crossbody bag.

This is some of us before leaving to the airport to go back in front of our hotel. :(
F21 batwing top, F21 bandage skirt, H&M dotted hose, Lovely People booties, FCUK convertible bag.

I really love NY. Wish I could live here!! I'm totally a big city girl! I pretty much spent the last day shopping all day in SoHo. Can't wait to wear everything!!!

Bests of NY (IMHO):
Best pizza: Patzeria Perfect Pizza on 46th
Best dessert: Serendipity 3 on E. 60th (Frozen Hot Chocolate)
Best cart food: Elotes (corn w/ spices, no idea where it is)
Best tourist spot: Central Park
Best tourist attraction: Times Square lights and shops
Best shopping: Soho
Best musical: Mamma Mia
Best H&M: 5th Ave. location
Best season of year: Fall

Ugh, I miss it already. can't wait to head back again! *sobs*

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  1. Finally you posted up your NYC trip!! It looks so fun and amazing!! I can't wait to go to NY!!! That picture with you and Joe squinting at the flash is priceless! hahaha.. Great Post! I will def only wear flats when I go to NY!

    P.S. There are NO FOOD PICTURES! If you didn't know, now you know, I live vicariously through your food pictures and descriptions!