Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Summer lovin'... Had me a blast.... Summer lovin'... Happened so fast...

Not that I really care for summer as much anymore since I don't have "summer breaks" or anything but I will miss the bright colored clothes, eating outside and summer-y type foods! Can't eat outside much though since it's usually 100+ degrees out. Is it just me, or are there certain foods you eat more during certain seasons? Well, for me, it's like this... Summer: pizza, ice-cream, junk food, margaritas. Winter: soups, hot chocolate, pasta. Some of these are like... duh... of course you eat soup in the winter because you're freezing your ass off. Whatever. I'll definitely miss my shorts, tank tops, and colors! Loving the floral this year, too! Not ready to give it up! Summer is over, wahhhhh!!! :(

A couple buddies and I went to Kona Grill last week for happy hour (they have a great one!). We are huge fans of Kona since it's pretty close to work and good food for a great price! Plus, their sake bombs!!! The ahi tuna wonton crisps (looks like nachos) are to-die-for! Yumm!!

Forever 21 braided strap floral top, Mossimo inside tank. Not pictured: Free People skinny light washed destroyed jeans, paired with Cynthia Vincent cognac wedges and black leather Burberry Ashbury tote.

Also before the end of summer, a friend of mine came in to visit from South Korea!! We took her to this awesome pizza place I discovered (through Yelp) in uptown, called Sfuzzi. It wasn't just a pizza place, they had pasta and everything! We tried a pizza with an egg on it... yes, an EGG on it!! It was yummy!!! Their traditional drink, called the "Sfuzzi," was sooo strong! It was like taking a mini shot each sip.

Collective Concepts Batwing top with attached beaded necklaces (Nordstrom Rack), Jeans from BP Juniors dept. (forgot the brand- Nordstrom), black leather Burberry Ashbury tote, and pink Guess wedges.

Since we can never have enough food, drinks and fun, after this, we migrated over to Luna de Noche for reverse happy hour at NorthPark Mall (because Kona was too packed). :)

Went out a few times this summer, but I didn't capture any of the moments (bad me!). This past weekend, I remembered to snap a few at "The Bank" for my cousin's birthday. Bottle service is always great. :) Happy birthday, cuz! After about an hour, me and my girlfriend walked down the street to party some more at Mantis.

Silence + Noise studded V-neck romper (Urban Outfitters), Tiffany & Co. necklace, Banana Republic aged lambskin clutch, Guess Emy studded heels.

This romper I picked up off the clearance rack (online) at Urban Outfitters was suchhhhh a deal! It's sweet and cute, finely made, comfortable to wear anddd the stud detail is awesome! I love it!! Also, the Guess Emy heels are soo comfortable! They definitely don't look like it... being studded, high and glamorous... but they sooo are! I think it has something to do with the tiny cork platform in the front. So glad I found these (also on clearance) at the Guess Factory store in RoundRock, TX. Both are definitely some of my best buys so far!

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