Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Réunion de Famille 2010!

I've got such a huge family, you can't even begin to imagine. We usually use weddings as an opportunity to have a reunion and that happens about once every year or other year. This year (even though we just had a get together in Jan. for my cousin's wedding here in DFW), we decided to have a full, blown-out family reunion in Seattle, WA, Vancouver, and Portland, OR! It was my Uncle Tony's idea and he lives there and wanted everyone to visit and have a good time. Family members from all over came to the week-long celebration, including some from Germany! Sadly, I could only make it to the second half of the trip due to WORK :(. I've done my fair share of traveling but had never been to Portland, OR before this so I was STOKED about this opportunity to get together with family in a city I'd never been to.

Portland is definitely a nice city. Very different than Dallas but has some similarities to Austin, as I've noticed. I absolutely love Austin, TX. I'd move there over Dallas any day... but that's a subject we'll get into later on ;). Lots of outdoor activities, pedestrians, cyclists, food carts, and art. It's a very lively city in general.

On our first day, Uncle Tony got us a private bus to take us all to visit 2 vineyards for wine tasting and the view! Yes, we need a WHOLE BUS for our family! We went to 2 vineyards but I can only remember the name of the first one...

Anne Amie Vineyards. The view was just breathtaking.
Dillard's top, F21 tank, F21 shorts, Ann Taylor belt, Cynthia Vincent wedges, and Zara studded cross-body bag.

SOME of the cousins... That's my bro in the middle being a goofball.

The view at the 2nd vineyard we went to was pretty similar but not as nice looking. Here's one at the 2nd with my mommy.

This is some of us tasting wine at the 2nd vineyard on the patio. (There were also 2 or 3 more tables of us.)

Cheers!!! Wine tasting was so much fun (even though I really can't tell the difference between most!)

Later that day, we took the bus back to the city and visited Uncle Tony's condo near Pearl Street (downtown). It's so modern and chic-y, I loveddd the ceiling-to-floor windows. Mmm...
We had lots of fun cramming like 30 peeps+ in this condo... but it was only for a bit to rest before we headed out to dinner downstairs at this nice Asian fusion-ish place. We all thought about fighting for the one bed in there but then we figured we'd all share!

After dinner, some of the cousins headed out to explore Pearl District, which is where "First Thursday" is held (the first Thursday every month). There's a bunch of little tents set up with people selling their paintings, drawings, other art, and just a bunch of creative stuff. It's crowded but nice. I didn't buy anything but my sister bought a cool little hacky sack that looked like an owl.

Here's a little idea of what "First Thursday" looks like.

Afterward, we went to a park nearby to relax. It was a nice park with a bunch of kids running around, some small ponds, and a view of some tall buildings and bridges.

The next morning, we split up into groups (it's hard to keep 30+ people together) and did our own thing. I went with some of the grown-ups to see some sights (since I love being all touristy! :)). We had lunch at Pho Van and headed to our main sight, Multnomah Falls. On the way there, we passed by Vista House, which is this cool shaped building made in 1918 or so as a memorial to Oregon pioneers. It wasn't THAT interesting but the view of the Columbia River from there was amazing.

After a quick photo sesh at Vista House and driving round and round up a mountain, we arrived at our main destination: Multnomah Falls. It was sooo breezy and beautiful... like Covergirl! Making those rounds up the mountain was worth it!
Forever 21 "hole-y" sweater shirt, AE nude tank, Seven For All Mankind Skinny jeans, Aldo sandals, Dooney & Bourke vintage cross-body bag, Burberry sunglasses and the color of my toenails are OPI's Lucky Lucky Lavender.

Later that evening, we all got dolled up for an Anniversary Celebration for Uncle Anh and Aunt Van from Austin! (You can see the 'Happy Anniversary' poster in the back!)

Our family always does it REAL BIG! Moët Hennessy and Edible Arrangements! Yum!

Us and the happily 20-year married couple! Happy Anniversary! :) :) :)

BCBG Max Azria stewardess dress w/ belt, Cynthia Vincent wedges.

To end the night, of course we had casino equipment ready for a casino night! Blackjack, poker, roulette.... But of course, we all know that HOUSE (Uncle 2) always wins.

To be honest, after this point, I was very lazy to take more pictures. I really need to get with it! The cousins (and Uncle Scott, who tries to fit in with the youngsters... it's quite cute actually) went to Pioneer Place Mall and bowling and out to sushi! Losers did pushups... which were pretty much all the guys.

To top it all off... at the very end of the trip, we got Voodoo Doughnuts (appeared on the Food Network)!!! (That's my bro's hairy ass leg in the pic... appetizing... not.)

There were so many other things I didn't capture on camera... Delicious waffle sandwiches and tacos from the food carts, so much more of First Thursday, the great food everywhere, etc. This trip was a great one and I'm so glad we aren't all too busy for each other!
<3 ma famille!

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