Monday, October 4, 2010

"Baby, Baby, Baby, Ooohhhhh...!"

This weekend was an extremely busy weekend for me! I feel like I only slept like 8 hours TOTAL all weekend... Oh wait, I did! Anyway, My good friend had her baby shower this weekend! I hadn't seen her in a little less than 2 months but she is MUCH bigger than she was 2 months ago!

Some girlfriends and I decided to make a diaper cake for our hot mama friend. None of us had ever made one before! We just winged out and I must say... It turned out pretty fab!

What do you think? We used lots of items that were pastel colors! I learned that putting together a diaper cake is pretty easy! It's the shopping for the items and having to go to 5 different stores that's the hard part! We took about 2.5-3 (or more!) hours to hop from one store to another and drive back and about an hour to actually assemble it! All you need (to make one like this) is a pack of 100 diapers (don't go cheap! get the good kind so they can actually use them later!), a 4-pack of cute pastel baby bottles, a butterfly rattle, a huge plastic bottle piggy bank (Party City), a pastel pink bottle cleaner, 4 pacifiers (keep in the clear box so they don't get dirty), 4-pack of cute baby socks, 4-pack of cute baby mittens, a 5-yard roll of thick ribbon (pink for girl!), and some small ribbons (for the little bows), B-A-B-Y blocks, another stuffed lion rattle for the front centerpiece, a cute bib, some other goodies to stuff in the cake, rubber bands, a hot glue gun, safety pins, and a few good friends to help you put it together! This diaper cake was really just made with LOVE!

The diaper cake team (We're awesome!):

And just look at these adorable cupcakes from Sprinkles they had at the shower!!!

So freaking cute... and yummy! I'm sooo obsessed w/ Sprinkles right now! Red velvet is the absolute BEST.

I went a little crazy on the stickers on my photo editing program I use! Hehe

T-Style Net Floral Dress (from London, first time wearing it!), Dooney & Bourke vintage crossbody bag (can also be used as a fanny-pack!), Tiffany & Co. necklace, BCBGeneration wedges.

Anyways, just a few months away before little bundle of joy comes out! I can't wait to buy her little booties and cute stuff!! :)


  1. That Diaper cake is amazing!! Does not look like an easy task!! Elisa's tip of the day - DO NOT wear a fanny pack unless traveling!! haha...

  2. Hey hey hey! I'll show you me rocking a fanny pack while not traveling one day!! Lol