Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taking it back...

Earlier this week, one of my fav. couples asked us if we wanted to watch Shakespeare in the Park with them. I personally am not interested in Shakespeare but thought it'd be a good experience since I've never seen it before.

Pluses: Hot cocoa, free chips and salsa from Freebirds, good time with good friends.
Minuses: Mosquito bites, COLD!, and well, Shakespeare isn't exactly exciting!

It was so weird how the temperature changed so fast! It was nice warm weather and then suddenly went into the 60s!

Speaking of the 60s, I used this edit feature on this photo called 1960s. Looks old school, huh?

You can sorta see the cool backside of my sweater in this photo. The front looks like a normal sweater but the back is made of black lace. I heart almost anything lace.

This is righhtttt before I knocked out. I managed to stay awake through the first half and during intermission but right when it came back on.... Zzzzz.

This is after I woke up from my little nap. Hehe
F21 back lace sweater and flower connector ring, A&F denim shorts, Mossimo peace sign leather belt (Target), Dolce Vita for Target lace-up boots (love this item!), Zara studded drawstring pouch.

These boots are so fab! I bought 2 pairs of Docle Vita boots this month, one from Neiman's Last Call earlier this week and one from Target. How funny! (and one Sam Edelman from Nordstrom! Hehe.) I wore my DVforT boots 2 days in a row and got so many compliments from friends and random peeps! People love them!!

Anyway, back to Shakespeare. It reminded me a lot of high school when we had to read it and I always dreaded it so much. Ugh. I think I still feel the same way about it after all these years.

Twas a good experience, though. I like sitting in the park and doing stuff outdoors. Sometimes it's good to just relax, no matter what you're doing! :)

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  1. haha... You can tell you're about to pass out in the second pic. Those boots can work after all!! Food Pics!!