Monday, October 11, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Today is my #1 boyfriend's birthday (or my only boyfriend, rather)! I threw him a surprise party and let me tell you... it was NOT easy! This kid seriously has like 4,000 friends, easily. It's SO hard to get 4,00 people to keep a secret, you know!? Ok, maybe not 4,000 but like 50! I didn't make any Facebook events, E-vites, etc. I was a little unorganized at first... I started telling people individually... then put the rest in little groups... and anyway, I don't even know HOW, but I DID IT! It was SUCH a great turnout! Probably a good 35-40 people showed up! Thank goodness Uncle Julio accepted my 25 people reservation... and let me change it to 30... and sat 35-40 peeps! Lol and the best part? Joe was ACTUALLY SURPRISED!! How often does that happen!? Ahh, I must say... I'm really proud of myself and everyone that helped me!

Pretty much everyone in this room is one of our guests. Lol. Some are actually not pictured!

Ok, REWIND. The night before the party, I told my bf I was having a "girls' night" at my house... That secretly meant... "I'm running a gosh darn sweatshop over at my house to make your damn Mario cupcakes for your surprise party you don't even know about!" LOL but it was enjoyable. A friend came over to help me (which I am SO thankful for!) and my brother and his friend happened to be there to lend a helping hand.

They turned out pretty fab for 1st time fondant users!

With a huge bottle of wine and great friends, anything can be done!

It made me so happy to see everyone having so much fun! At that point, everything I'd done to plan was totally worth it! From talking to a billion guests, calling twenty restaurants begging them to accept my party, the fondant Mario cupcakes, being all sneaky... All worth it!

Birthday boy making a wish!

Isn't his cake the bestest?

I think he really loved them because when he went around passing them out, he was really into it... like... "Don't eat the poisonous mushroom!... If you eat this one, you can go through the secret passageway!... If you eat this one, you'll be able to fly!... If you want to grow bigger, eat this one!" HAHAHA Priceless.

Trouvé silk shirt (Nordstrom), F21 faux leather mini, Steven by Steve Madden Winka wedges, Papaya necklace.

After the dinner at Uncle Julio's, we loitered outside like good Asians for a good half hour or more... Then finally got everyone to come out to Ghostbar. It was the best birthday EVER (IMHO)!

And the best part... His present from me! I'm jealous, myself!

Happy birthday, love!


  1. those cupcakes were adorable! and i'm sad i missed out on joe saying all those funny things about them...another chance at rofling, lost. ROFL. people are going to think i'm in love with rofling.

  2. This Post is Hilarious!! I LOLed many times.. haha.. Good job on the cupcakes, and the Ipad purchase, and setting up the secret bday!! All around A+++ Next time include food pictures!!! This is a demand!!