Friday, July 29, 2011

Left my heart in 'Frisco!

Vacation Roomies at the Golden Gate Bridge

With my "buddy" at the Fisherman's Wharf... Yes, we had a buddy system. 8 girls can get crazy!

PURE off shoulder top (last seen with more detail HERE), Forever 21 jeggings, Dolce Vita for Target boots (also seen HERE), Infinity scarf from local boutique in Hong Kong, Charlotte Russe necklace, leather cuffs bracelet from vendor at Venice Beach, Michael Kors ceramic watch, Vintage bag (from mommy's closet!), Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In between weather

Abercrombie & Fitch denim shorts, Theory striped tank (on sale for really cheap from Barney's NY!), Ann Taylor skinny leather belt, Ann Taylor LOFT anorak jacket, Charlotte Russe necklace, Michael Kors ceramic watch

I love when the weather is sunny but a little bit chilly at the same time. Then, you can mix and match shorts with sleeves and cardigans... Or shorts with boots or pantyhose (my personal favorite!). I can't wait until we have this weather again in Texas (if ever)! It's an average of 105 degrees here nowadays... Ugh.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Maxi Night

Our group of girls still like to do themed nights once in awhile. It's fun, cute, and helps when I can't- for the life of me- figure out what to wear. Kind of like what we did here, with the white party.

Introducing... Maxi night (from the cruise I went on 2 months ago)! There were like 20 girls in maxi dresses that night (some even unplanned).

Racer-back Maxi dress from Saks 5th Avenue (Can't remember the brand but will check later!), Target necklace, Louis Vuitton Eva clutch (love the convenience of a crossbody), and Reef flip-flops (Haha! You can't see them anyway.)

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Zara blowout!

Zara has a pretty big sale going on in stores right now. From my experience, there's a big selection, but the deals are just okay. There were a few I thought were worth the price. There's only one Zara in Dallas, so I stop in each time I'm at the Galleria. I never know when the sales are in advance, I just happen to stop in at the right time (a sign that I spend too much time at the mall). Zara doesn't have good sales very often. They'll always have a few items on a tiny sale rack, but hardly ever a blowout. I think this only happens once a year, usually in July, when they're trying to get rid of last season items. IMHO, last season or not-- a good deal's a good deal.

I made two visits to Zara in the past week. The first time, the deals weren't too great and I was pretty shopped out, since Zara was one of my last stops (Shopped out? Me? Pfft, I know.). Here are some pics from my first visit:

Sorry for the crappy quality of photos. My old Blackberry Pearl needs an upgrade. I think I tried on a few more items but didn't take photos. I left without purchasing anything that day, because again, I was shopped out. And the prices weren't enticing enough for the cheap fabric they use on a lot of their stuff.

Yellow silk-ish material ruffle dress- Material is okay, the dress was on sale for $40. I didn't get it because I think the ruffles made me look too wide since it wasn't very slimming and it had a stain right smack dab in the middle front at the chest area.. very noticeable. Also, I'm not really a yellow person. When I came back a day later, the dress was only $30. I still didn't buy it. The one I tried on in the pic is a size XS.

White floral crochet dress with slip attached- I really liked this one. I'm obsessed with crochet and white! The only reason I didn't buy it was because it was a little short for comfort and the slip inside was made of this nasty, super cheap material... feels like the same material as crappy Barbie clothes. It was also on sale for $40, but when I came back again, it was gone. Someone must've wanted it more than I did.

Red flare skirt dress- I had seen this dress on several blog posts (seen on Frankie Sandford here); I remember it the most from Squeeze The Pug's post. The Zara I went to had this dress in camel (like Squeeze The Pug's), red, and royal blue. I knew I wasn't going to make much use of the blue one. It was between red and camel for me. I hadn't even made a decision before learning that the only way I could go, anyway, was red, since they didn't have my size in camel. I'm happy with it. The material is pretty stiff, but I think it will be a good one for fall/winter. Would pair well with tights and a belt. I tried on both XS and S and decided to go with S, even though the XS looked like a better fit. The S gave me more room to breathe and was ultimately more comfortable. I didn't buy the first day, regrettably. It was $70. I came back to get it and to get a second look at the sale and found it for $40! BOUGHT, for sure.

I bought that one, along with another dress and top, both that I didn't see the first time. So happy with my purchases and I can't wait to wear them out! Stop by your nearest Zara today, maybe you'll find something!

Good luck!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

XL for the little people

So I don't hit up the GAP very often anymore, but I've always liked them for basics and some of their other things. GAP always provides comfortable clothes that I think are perfect for layering. I think I usually like their winter/fall clothes more. Their style reminds me a lot of J. Crew's, but the GAP definitely has better sales. Banana Republic has good sales, too.

Anyway, I stopped in the GAP a few nights ago on my way to Dillard's (which also has amazing sales too, btw!-- 6 pairs of shoes from this season alone!), and noticed there was a pretty decent sale selection. All sale items were an additional 50% off, which made them dirty cheap. I don't know if a lot of people normally do this, but when I see something I like and it's REALLY cheap, I'll buy it even if it's not my size. Yeah sure, I'm a small so I can sometimes make a medium work, plus I like oversized clothing... but I don't know about an extra large. So, it ultimately depends on how much I like it... and of course- How cheap is REAL cheap?

This item is an EXTRA LARGE (XL) cashmere blend knit racerback tank, if it fit correctly. For me, it was a super loose and long dress. It was only $7.79 (for cashmere blend!!), so I figured I could bring it home and play with it a little to see if I could make it work. If not, it's just snack money... or I could return it if I wasn't lazy. I didn't take anything in or even use scissors at all! It's amazing what belts and bandeau tops can do for you. See below.

The bandeaux top doesn't look like it's needed from the front but from the back, you can tell the top/dress is way too loose and you need it.

Now, I know not everything XL can be turned into a small this easily. Just play with items to see if you can make it work! Get creative with it. I added a necklace too get the attention a little bit off the actual dress because I know it's not perfect. It's mostly just being comfortable with what you wear.

GAP knit/dress and belt (also on sale for just under $5!), Victoria's Secret bandeaux top (same one worn here), ALDO accessories necklace, Guess wedges (Bloomingdale's)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Red hot

Rihanna Loud Tour with special guest J. Cole
American Airlines Center
Dallas, TX

Here she is! We were lucky enough to get upgraded seats! From level 300 to 100!

This is the fire above the stage that ended the concert early. :( I heard she was supposed to sing at least 7 more songs... Boo. And she was 2 hours late, too. People were saying that the fire started because she's so hot... I believe it. I guess I can forgive her. She's so good and her music's just so darn catchy, even if it doesn't make sense 90% of the time. What Live Nation will do about this? I don't know.

Happy Hour before the concert at Naan Sushi in uptown

Outside of AAC

GAP knit and zipper bandage skirt, Amrita Singh bangles, Charlotte Russe large pendant necklace, Vince Camuto suede peeptoe booties, Zara studded pouch, Saks 5th Avenue cameo ring

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Supper Club

Just another GNO in Hollywood!

Pre drinking before heading out to Supper Club!

White night! <3

BCBGMaxAzria top (worn as a dress for me), borrowed Barney's New York necklace, Guess studded heels

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