Monday, July 25, 2011

Maxi Night

Our group of girls still like to do themed nights once in awhile. It's fun, cute, and helps when I can't- for the life of me- figure out what to wear. Kind of like what we did here, with the white party.

Introducing... Maxi night (from the cruise I went on 2 months ago)! There were like 20 girls in maxi dresses that night (some even unplanned).

Racer-back Maxi dress from Saks 5th Avenue (Can't remember the brand but will check later!), Target necklace, Louis Vuitton Eva clutch (love the convenience of a crossbody), and Reef flip-flops (Haha! You can't see them anyway.)

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  1. And there was not a pair of legs in sight?!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    currently living in Purple Rain

  2. All of you look gorgeous in your maxi dresses! I've been debating on getting the Eva Clutch as well! Just went through your posts and love the white party photos! Hope you'll come by and visit

  3. I love the maxi dress lineup. You're looking really good!

  4. Alright doll...I am looking forward to more looks from you and shhhh I am 30 ;). Thank you for stopping by and I am glad you think I look 23!