Thursday, July 14, 2011

XL for the little people

So I don't hit up the GAP very often anymore, but I've always liked them for basics and some of their other things. GAP always provides comfortable clothes that I think are perfect for layering. I think I usually like their winter/fall clothes more. Their style reminds me a lot of J. Crew's, but the GAP definitely has better sales. Banana Republic has good sales, too.

Anyway, I stopped in the GAP a few nights ago on my way to Dillard's (which also has amazing sales too, btw!-- 6 pairs of shoes from this season alone!), and noticed there was a pretty decent sale selection. All sale items were an additional 50% off, which made them dirty cheap. I don't know if a lot of people normally do this, but when I see something I like and it's REALLY cheap, I'll buy it even if it's not my size. Yeah sure, I'm a small so I can sometimes make a medium work, plus I like oversized clothing... but I don't know about an extra large. So, it ultimately depends on how much I like it... and of course- How cheap is REAL cheap?

This item is an EXTRA LARGE (XL) cashmere blend knit racerback tank, if it fit correctly. For me, it was a super loose and long dress. It was only $7.79 (for cashmere blend!!), so I figured I could bring it home and play with it a little to see if I could make it work. If not, it's just snack money... or I could return it if I wasn't lazy. I didn't take anything in or even use scissors at all! It's amazing what belts and bandeau tops can do for you. See below.

The bandeaux top doesn't look like it's needed from the front but from the back, you can tell the top/dress is way too loose and you need it.

Now, I know not everything XL can be turned into a small this easily. Just play with items to see if you can make it work! Get creative with it. I added a necklace too get the attention a little bit off the actual dress because I know it's not perfect. It's mostly just being comfortable with what you wear.

GAP knit/dress and belt (also on sale for just under $5!), Victoria's Secret bandeaux top (same one worn here), ALDO accessories necklace, Guess wedges (Bloomingdale's)

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  2. BEST $7.79 spent if I don't say so myself! Hahaha

  3. i liiiike that, mixed perfectly with your shoes

  4. Thanks for the nice comments! I hope you all like my blog :D

  5. aww your pretty :) immediately fallin' in love with ur blog ;D