Sunday, January 2, 2011

Victoria's Peak

On our way to the subway we needed to get on this day, we noticed a huge Monopoly board on the ground in the middle of the subway station. I was kind of obsessed with McDonald's Monopoly when we had it in the states a few weeks ago so I had to take some photos!

Fletcher by Lyell dress (Urban Outfitters), Steven by Steve Madden Intyce boots, Burberry rainjacket and bag

After about 20 minutes of being distracted by this, we got on the subway to the peak tram to get to Victoria's Peak! It's the highest place where you can look down at the city!

It was foggy at first but the sun came out for a bit later. There was a mall and lots of shops in the area we went to to wait for the sun to come out. Tried lots of food, too!

Clockwise from top left: 1. Shrimp tempura with rice and sauce, egg thing, miso soup 2. Salmon sashimi 3. Mini cucumber salad with corn and other things 4. Poutine!

I've been wanting to try poutines for awhile now ever since a friend told me what it was. It's supposedly a Canadian dish, but I can't find it anywhere in the states and I happen to stumble upon a place that had it in HK! Poutines are fries with warm gravy and bits of cheese on them. I HAD to try them!

Went back up to the sky terrace to get some of the view with some sun. They had super cute, Asian decorations for the holidays. Gotta love it!

After the peak, we went to Hong Kong park to walk around. It was sooo pretty and cool!

After all the walking around and more shopping, we were pretty exhausted. Found a sushi place nearby for dinner, then walked down the street for dessert before we headed back to pass out.

The dessert place is the best place for mango-lovers, like me. The have mango everything! We went here several times during our stay!

More posts to follow! :-)

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  1. OMG!! Amazing food pics!! Everything looks DELICIOUS!!! I must go someday!!