Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Breakfast Sushi

If you're a real hardcore sushi lover like me, you'll have no problem getting up before sunrise to head over to Tsukiji fish market for the freshest sushi of your life. My boo, however, didn't enjoy the 'waking up when there's no light out' part.

Tsukiji Fish Market is the biggest wholesale fish/seafood market in the world. Wholesalers auction off their goods way early in the morning to the highest bidder. I didn't get to the auction bc it's WAY too early but I hear it's pretty cool!

There are several sushi restaurants in the area that have the freshest sushi. I went to one called "Daiwa." A friend recommended it to us... she claimed it to be the best sushi of her life... I'd say that statement is 100% accurate for me, too.

It was a little too early for photos but I managed to capture a few.
The toro was the freshest. I was disappointed we didn't get more tuna. Tuna's my fave.

The sun came out soon after and we did some exploring. (The sun rises and sets really early during Tokyo winter.)

Asakusa Temple

Forever 21 top, no name jeggings, Banana Republic Heritage silk scarf, Burberry coat & bag

View after sunset

Of course for dinner, we have sushi again (we're in Japan so why not?). This is where I get my tuna fix since I didn't have enough that morning.

On our way home, we walked right up to it. And went all the way up, too. Amazing.


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