Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tokyo, my love!

Sparkle & Fade cropped sweatshirt (Urban Outfitters), Forever 21 necklace & jeggings, Christian Siriano for Payless tall rainboots

You know what this means... another stamp on my passport! Yessss! I'm still so pissed that my passport didn't get stamped in most countries when I traveled within the European Union. Blah, whatever.

First thing I noticed in Japan: the toilets! They're so advanced! They had several buttons on the arms rest (yes, the toilet also had an armrest!) that do different things like flush noise, bidet, music, volume, etc.! So. Freakin'. Weird.

The flight from HK to Tokyo was about 4 hours but it took us forever to get to our hotel from the airport so we got in pretty late. We ALMOST got into a cab that was going to cost us $225 USD to take us to the hotel! Luckily, they told us the price BEFORE we agreed to get in. We opted for the limousine bus ride as our transportation instead, which costed us only $30 per one-way ticket.

People in Tokyo are extremely polite! It almost makes you feel kinda bad! They don't speak English really well, but they'll always try to help you. Seriously, super nice people. It's so different from being in Europe, where everyone's minding their own business and doesn't care that you're a lost tourist.

We got to our hotel just in time to clean up and head out to explore the area around our hotel and have dinner. There were several restaurants by out hotel.

Street of restaurants nearby. See the Tokyo tower hidden in the background?

We picked one that looked good and walked in. The salmon sashimi was the freshest I've EVER had! Sooo good!

I was kind of grumpy through the long bus ride and sitting through traffic as the sun set but sushi (or food, in general) always makes me happy again!

Our hotel was really close to the Tokyo Tower. It's like a 5 minute walk! It's really pretty at night. Contrary to what you may believe, it looks nothing like the actual Eiffel tower. Can't wait to be back (to either cities)!

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