Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Hollywood Standard

Partying in Hollywood was definitely a fun experience. Parking usually sucks anywhere in LA but we got a sweet ass meter spot RIGHT in front of the Standard! Can the night start out ANY better? We went to a lounge/club type place that was super cute and inside the famous "The Standard" hotel.

Like I said in the previous post, I didn't have much to choose from, as far as outfits, since I tried to pack light. I came knowing that my fashionista cousins would have something for me, anyway. And, they did!

I really liked the dress my cousin let me borrow because it was so funky and cool. I paired it with my Eva clutch to tone it down a bit. I also borrowed my other cousin's bronze Steve Madden heels to wear with it.

Me and my twin cousin. Everyone on our family gets us mixed up at reunions... and it's we have a habit of coincidentally showing up to events wearing matching outfits. Strange, I know. Do you think we look alike?

Group picture! Before the drinks kicked in...

Obviously, this was AFTER the drinks kicked in and after a whole night of dancing. We had SO much fun! I realized that it's not really about where you party as much as who you're partying with. :)

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