Thursday, August 4, 2011

Casual Everydays

A little animal print on a Thursday can't hurt...

My photographer (a.k.a. bf) cut off a part of my head in this pic, but that's ok, I still love him. Hehe posing next to my MINI! The sun was already so bright this morning, I could barely keep my eyes open! I love this FLETCHER by Lyell dress I got from Urban for very cheap. I just love their dresses in general... This one's one of my faves, after this other purple one I got from them awhile ago. They're so easy to wear and are super comfortable!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

FLETCHER by Lyell dress (Urban Outfitters), Nordstrom belt, Michael Kors leather and animal print wedges


  1. aww this outfit is cute! love it!
    the dress is so pretty, love your shoes ^^
    Krissy xoxo

  2. Love your dress! It reminds me so much of Kate Middleton's! You look fabulous :) Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm following you now - want to follow me back? :)

    xx from Montreal,

    I Bleed Fashion

  3. beautiful dress! so summery blue! =D
    and wow you have a mini, you lucky girl!

    The Trend Palette

  4. What a beautiful dress! You are beyond adorable! xoxoxoo

  5. the color is gorgeous! i love how you belted the dress