Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A girl can dream...

11 accessories because it's May 11.
(Not really, but it just worked out.)

1. Oversized Mulberry 'Alexa' in Oak Soft Buffalo- $1,450
2. Chanel camera bag- vintage
3. ASOS straw boater hat- $26.90
4. Chanel jumbo flap in black caviar w/ gold hardware- $3,500 as of Oct. 2010
5. DV Dolce Vita 'Pali' wedge sandal- $89
6. Longchamp Le Pliage backpack purse- $118
7. Louis Vuitton 'Joey' wallet in Damier Azur- $705
8. Christian Louboutin 'Very Prive' 120 MM nude pump- $795
9. Urban Outfitters Cooperative Camera bag- $24
10. Norma Kamali square cat-eye sunglasses- $250
11. Dolce Vita 'Eclisse' Buckle bootie- $115

Ahhhh, I want ALL these things! I've already accepted that I can't have them all but I'll probably try to add some of these to my personal collection sometime... Probably starting with the least expensive item: the camera bag from Urban. The thing I want most (and for the longest time) on this list is the Chanel jumbo flap... all my friends know this. I've told myself repeatedly that I will buy myself one either when I return to Paris again (because it's supposedly significantly cheaper there) or as a 25th birthday present to myself, whichever I feel like.

Ok, enough talk of the accessories I can't afford! I'm going to shop for more economically priced items now! With all the vacations coming up, I'll need to cut back somewhere!

Upcoming events:

Friend's graduation in Houston
5-day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico
All girls trip to San Francisco and LA

Looks like I've got a busy month ahead! Need to prepare ASAP!


  1. That's the same Chanel bag I want!!! haha I should totally make a list of the things I want but can't get anytime soon. Two more daysssss =)

  2. Hahaha.. 11 accessories for may 11th...

    I really want a chanel bag too! I think I will go for a small one like the wallet on a chain. I would mostly use it when I go out and on special occasions. Also the caviar is the way to go because the lamb skin bags scratch very easily! oh when oh when will we get one???

  3. Next year! Paris, here we come! I think you should get the small classic flap! The WOC is way TOO small and flat! It'll be hard to fit things in there. I can't wait!