Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Girls Day Out

Girls Day Out
Dallas Arboretum

Great place for photos! Too bad we just barely missed the April blooms, where they have all the pretty flowers in bloom. =/

Anyway, enjoy!

I've accepted that I'm just not good at "acting natural."

This is the best jumping picture like.. ever in history that 7 girls can do, right? It deserved a letterbox.

American Eagle sundress (haven't been to this store in years!), Nordstrom necklace, Cynthia Vincent for Target wedge, Louis Vuitton Eva crossbody, borrowed F21 sunglasses


  1. The pictures are really nice!! How did everyone jump so high?? wow! haha

  2. Thanks! I love my camera! It really is a miracle how we all jumped that high together... a stranger took that pic for us, too! Lol