Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Avenue of Stars

My first full day in Hong Kong!

HK is suchhhhh a beautiful city. The view of one side from the other is absolutely beautiful (whichever side)! In the morning, we came from the Hong Kong Island side to the Kowloon side by ferry.

In the background, you're seeing the Kowloon side; we're standing on the Hong Kong side. It's SUPER close... seriously like 1 or 2 mins by ferry. (and real cheap to get to, too.)

Theory Exceed Narisa Dress (Nordstrom- The really cool faux sleeves that you tie around your waste are what really got me! Click here for detail.), Target bib necklace & socks, Steven by Steve Madden Intyce boots, Burberry bag & rain jacket.

Went to the Museum of History and thought this was pretty cute!

Lots and lots of shopping done and this is what I see the most of... Phone charms! HKers are CRAZY about phone charms!

Food there was delish (cheap, too!)! On the left is egg whites with shrimp and some kind of fried pork slices. On the right is some kind of sweet ginger tofu with almond jellies and strawberry. Yum!

There was a maze made out of bushes I thought was pretty cool... But I think it's mostly for kids because I'm too tall for it and can see exactly where I'm going. Lol.

Before heading back to call it a day, we stopped by a place called "Avenue of Stars," where you can check out the view of HK Island at night from Kowloon. The view is amazing. Also, at 8 o'clock every night, there's a light show, where a lot of the buildings participate. It's really cool!

Ahhh, I miss it already! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jet-lag FREE!

NI HAO! I just got back from Asia about 1 week ago! I went there for about 10 days for holiday and it was so fun! I've traveled all over Europe, the States and Mexico but this was my first time in Asia! I spent time getting to know Hong Kong and Tokyo and it was all very interesting. Things are so different there, it's like another world!

Anyway, I loved it! It'll take quite a few blog posts to cover the main parts... I took a LOT of photos (785 after reviewing and deleting to be exact!). Obviously, they won't all be on here but I'll pick my faves!

So... 22 hours and 10 mins later, after having lunch in San Francisco and who-knows-what meals on the Boeing 747-400, I finally arrived in HK. I was super excited about getting my passport stamped, after it not being touched for a whole YEAR!

With no jet-lag AT ALL, we headed to the hotel, cleaned up and went straight out to explore!

Checking out the neighborhood near our hotel (Causeway Bay area). Stores sure stay open later in Hong Kong! It had to be at least past 10:30 pm there! See how busy it is!

They go crazy with Xmas decorations!
Forever 21 top and chandelier necklace, Sparkle & Fade sequin skirt (Urban Outfitters), Christian Siriano for Payless booties, Zara studded bag

We finally picked out a tiny place to eat that had beef noodle soup and wonton soup! They also served fresh mango juice, my fave! Both the soups and the mango juice were SOOOOO good! California can't compare!!!

The temperature in HK was pretty high. About 70something degrees... but very humid and foggy. At least I didn't have to lug around my jacket and big boots I had to wear for the past 22 hours on the plane (because they took up too much room to pack!).

Anyway, please follow-up for the new posts coming up! There will be lots of photos!!! :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Won't you take me to... FUNKY-TOWWNNNNN!?

I love random trips to Austin, TX! They're the best. Austin is the second best city in the U.S., followed by the one NYC (IMHO). It's my go-to city when I'm bored of Dallas! Close enough for a weekend road trip, far enough to just get away!

So many things to do there! Outdoors, indoors, shopping, food, whatever you want! I go there about 8 times a year (if not more) and I love it and have SO much fun EVERY TIME! (That's where I spent my Halloweenies for the past 2 years!)

Anyway, took another random trip down with a few girlfriends a few weeks ago (right before my big vacation to Asia) to get some shopping in! Boy, did we shop. I got a call from my bank just minutes after one of my transactions to verify my suspicious activity/irregular high dollar purchase.... ugh, we can talk about that another time! =X

Here are some pics from the weekend!

Happy hour at Trio's (in 4 Seasons)

Trailer food: Hey Cupcake!
Forever 21 top & necklace, A&F denim shorts, HUE tights, Movado watch, Zara bag, Kelsi Dagger wedged oxford booties

Pre-drinking! My friend has the sweetest high-rise condo you could imagine, with the sweetest view of downtown Austin. That's why we drink Svedka! (plus, we love it.) :)


Chilantro: YUM! Always gotta hit up the food trailers after 6th!

Brunch at Taverna downtown
F21 top, BDG denim (UO), Charlotte Russe necklace, Dolce Vita for Target combat boots, Gucci Boston bag, Ray-Ban sunnies

Walking around downtown and Smores at Halcyon (really cool place)!

Seriously, ATX is the place to be! If you're ever there and don't know what to do, ask me! If I don't know, I'm sure my sis does (she lives there)!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh, OH MY GOSH!

Usher and Trey Songs concert!! Everyone and their mamas was here... But it makes perfect sense, since Usher is a BAMF. I orginally didn't care to go but my boyfriend L-O-V-E-S Usher so we went to see him at the American Airlines Center! Pretty good seats, too. I'm glad I did because it was really good! He sang a mix of old songs, the ones I love!! I actually knew a lot more Usher songs than I thought! Anyway, it was a great time! I recommend seeing him if he's in your city during the OMG tour!

(Because I haven't updated in awhile, my posts are all outta whack and not in order! This was pre-Lumix GF1! Lol)

Trey Songs! (Random- Doubt that's his real name, but too lazy to fact-check.)

Of course Ursher baby comes out on a thingy in the air over the crowd! He's so flyyyyy!! Ahhh!!

Forever 21 leopard print tank & pleather skirt, Zara studded bag, Nine West suede bandage heels.

I curled my hair with a new styling tool I got: Conair "You Curl" wand. It's really easy and gets really hot fast!


On holiday in... 29 mins! Yippie!

'Tis the season!

I know I haven't updated in a long time... Shame on me! But I've been super busy with work, events, travels, etc. Also, I've been lazy to upload/edit pics. =X

But during my little hiatus, I got something new to make my blog a little better: a Lumix GF1 camera! I'm still learning how to use it since I'm not really familiar with all its functions and capabilities yet but so far, I love it! It takes great photos (when I know what I'm doing) and has all the functions of an SLR without the huge body of one (Good for us girls!). I'll still have my Samsung point-n-shoot with me mostly when I go out since it's so compact.

I'm ready for the holiday season with this baby! Here are the first few images I've captured as practice...

I can't wait to become a PRO fessional and have really cool pics! Stay tuned! I'm officially on holiday in t-minus... 1 hour and 9 minutes! Hooray!