Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bubbly for Bublé & Goo-Goo for Gaga!

This past week has been crazy with all the big events in Dallas. The 2 events I'm particularly interested in sharing are the 2 concerts I went to... Michael Bublé and Lady Gaga (for the 2nd time)! I also had tickets to the Rihanna w/ Kesha "Last Girl on Earth" concert but too bad it was canceled for no reason at all! Ugh~!

Both MB and LG concerts were held at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. If you haven't been to a concert there, you totally should. I've watched several Mavs games, Disney on Ice, Taylor Swift, and other artists there and it's great. One thing about the AA Center is that most artists start on time (or not TOO late, in my experience). I don't know if that's just a coincidence or if it's like an AAC policy or something but it's great so you don't have to show up and sit around waiting too long!

Sunday, July 18, 2010.

A group called "Naturally 7" opened for Michael. They were very interesting and unique! They're a group of 7 men, no instruments but they make sounds of instruments!!! Sooo cool and it sounds so real! Actually, it IS real! What's more real than 7 men, without any help from other instruments, etc.!? You should check them out on YouTube!

And soon after, Michael Bublé came out with his AMAZING voice... so soothing! Ahhh...

His voice makes him so handsome. And his suit is so nice!

It was a full house... for both concerts.

Here's a pic from Michael's...

Me and my date at the MB concert... can't see my outfit very well.. but it's an orange (and other colors) dress from Arden B.Didn't have too much time to get ready since I was shopping all day with my sister and then had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory right before.

Friday, July 23, 2010.

Semi-Precious Weapons opened for Lady Gaga... they were pretty good, too! When I went to the Gaga concert in January in Chicago (Rosemont Theater), she had Jason Derulo open for her. He was great... Here are pics of both.

Semi-Precious Weapons in DFW

Jason Derulo opening for Gaga in Chicago (Jan. 2010)

Lady Gaga at the AAC.. Don;t you love all the colors?!

LG singing "Boys, Boys, Boys!" as you can see the colorful penises in the background.

My favorite outfit of hers for this concert in DFW.. it was all fairy-like and crazy!

So talented...

Me and my date at the Gaga concert in Dallas. Now, how many girlfriends do you know take their boyfriends to see Michael Bublé AND Lady Gaga in ONE week? I know, he's lucky, isn't he? :)

My outfit: Forever 21 zipper dress and ring, studded crossbody bag from Zara, Jessica Simpson studded peeptoe heels (not pictured)

And of course, one with my Gaga stunner shades from Aldo

Here are some from Chicago's Gaga concert... There were more technical stunts at that one...

Favorite outfit of hers in Chicago:

And thennnnnn... after party at Wish in Dallas!

What's a party without... "Shots!, Shots!, Shots!, Shots!, Shots!, Shots!!??" (That's my sis on the left and cousin on the right)

Me and my siblings @ Wish

I danced all night at the Gaga concert (alone, since my boyfriend doesn't dance... like.. at all) and then danced with my cousin and sister at the after party! Great night! Both Michael Bublé and Lady Gaga are great performers. They're both super talented and funny and their shows were PHENOMENAL. I can't wait til Gaga comes back so I can see her for the 3RD time!! 3rd time's a charm!!

Hope y'all enjoyed my first real post!
Peace out, y'all!

<3 Viii

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