Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mixing it up

I love pairing a casual, simple piece with nice shoes. It changes the whole outfit completely! This hi-lo dress is a really comfy dress I scored from the recent Zara sale for $20. I am in love with it. I want to wear it 4 times a week... but I won't. I only do that sometimes with my shorts. ;)

Zara basic hi-lo dress, Zara heels, Chanel classic flap, Nordstrom necklace

Yeah, I really need a haircut bad. I can't really tell how long my hair is until I look at pictures and then I'm like, "Dayyuuuumm." Especially when it's straight! I have been behind on the blog, everyone knows that. Follow me on Instagram @CestLaViii for faster updates. I do outfit posts every now and then! ;)


  1. I feel like my hair always looks way longer in pictures than I feel like it is too... LOVE those Zara heels. The glitter!!

    xo, alison*elle

  2. Fabulous shoes!!!!!!!!!!!