Friday, May 11, 2012

Pursuit of Happiness

American Apparel lace dress, Steve Madden <3 LF heels, Givenchy necklace, Zara bag, H&M cuff

These were all taken at the light installation outside of LACMA, right after we had an awesome night at the Roxbury in Hollywood. I wish I used my camera a little better so they weren't so blurry. I'm still getting used to it, especially shooting at night. I really want to come back here again when I'm a little better because it's a really beautiful installation.

I'm back in Dallas now and am still getting caught up on life. I know I've been a bad blogger lately but give me some time and I'll get back into it! I've just been so lazy to bring my camera out... I know, I know... there's something called an iPhone that I happen to have! Haha. Between the wedding planning, working, maintaining a social life, and traveling, I seriously have no time for anything else. I feel like I'm always on the run. Honestly, I like it like that. Staying busy is a good thing. "People tell me slow my role, I'm screamin' out 'f*** that!'" Kid Cudi's words of wisdom, lol. We should all listen to what he's got to say a little!

Anyway, more posts coming soon! Stay cool out there!


  1. That first picture is so fun, what a cool installation. Totally agree that staying busy is a good thing :)

    xo, alison*elle

  2. amazing location!! you look great :)