Thursday, March 15, 2012

Easy breezy beautiful Dries-y

Fur coat from T.B.D. dept. Nordstrom, F21 knit top, Urban Outfitters skirt, Chanel Jumbo flap bag, HUE tights, Dries Van Noten suede boots

It didn't really get cold enough this season for me to wear things like this (fur coat and boots) out in Texas. With the recent move, I sort of just missed boot season, since I couldn't find a lot of my stuff in the new house. Sad that I couldn't wear these Dries Van Noten (pronounced like DREEZE) more times this season. I picked them up from a Barney's Outlet sale for a SUPERB deal. Probably one of the best deals ever! They were originally $805, but you know I wouldn't pay full price for these! They are such nice boots, too. Great quality and just beautiful. I'll try to slip them into a few pre-spring outfits here and there if I can pull it off. Love them!

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