Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloweenie, Halloweiners!

For Halloweenie this year, I decided to get a group and head down to one of my favorite cities in the U.S., Austin! I've never dressed up as part of a theme or anything before so I thought it'd be fun to try it out this year.

It was hard picking something that worked. Our original idea (Super Mario characters) had fallen through due to lack of time we had to make costumes. The costumes (for the princesses, at least) seemed too detailed and hard to make from scratch (we only had a few days bc we procrastinated). Then, it was either Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland. We decided on Alice since there were more characters that the guys and girls could be. I was supposed to be the Mad Hatter! I was so excited for this but after we heard word that another group of friends were doing the Alice theme, we decided to change... again. So, after searching around, my friend and I decided we should do a superhero theme! Everyone was in, and at this point, it was only like 2 days to Halloween so no one really had a choice!

We didn't plan it to be a "Justice League" theme (honestly, I didn't even know what that was before all the comments I got on FB) but apparently, we were all members of it except for Spiderman!

Hahaha, taken in our hotel lobby! Isn't this sweet!? The Justice League + Spiderman!
Left to right: Peter Parker aka Spiderman, Batgirl, Superwoman, Batman/The Dark Knight, Wonderwoman, Robin, and Clark Kent aka Superman

Girls pic! (except for I'm actually dressed as a boy hehee)
I dressed up my costume w/ Sam Edelman over the knee 'Sutton' boots from Nordstrom. Super comfy!

I must say... We've got a pretty shiny group! The costumes had so much plasticy shiny pleather going on... it was weird... but it makes us look so cool! LOL

Team Batman! Batgirl, Robin and Batman! We made a rule that night to only call each other by our superhero names... HAHA!

Here are a few photos from my past Halloweenies (can't find all of them):

Halloween 2006: Bunny
Halloween 2007: Angel
Halloween 2009: Burlesque girl & Madonna

I was a French maid in '05 but I can't find any photos!

Anyway, it's much more fun when there's a theme... and more amusing, too! Gonna start thinking of good ones for next year!

Happy Halloweenie, hope everyone got a lot of treats and tricks! Hehe


  1. hahaha... your costumes are too cute!! Seriously, where did spider man come from? hahaaha..

  2. Yeahhh I need to do better research next year!